Volunteer Opportunities at Navy SEAL Museum San Diego

Play a key role and go behind the lines to volunteer at The National Navy SEAL Museum San Diego. We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities. Match your interests with our various needs and make a contribution that both furthers the Museum’s mission and brings tremendous personal satisfaction.

At any given time during the year, we may be in need of the following:

Greeters: Public greeters are those volunteers who welcome guests to the Navy SEAL Museum San Diego and answer visitor questions about the history of Navy SEALs and their forerunners and the Museum. If you are organized, trustworthy, and have a helpful and pleasant personality, this role is made for you.

Gallery Attendants: Gallery Attendants monitor the public areas of the Museum assigned to them and answer visitor questions about eras, actions, and artifacts. If you are a Frogman history buff and enjoy interacting with people, you may enjoy this role.

Docents: Our Docent volunteers conduct tours of the Museum and have deep knowledge of the history of the Museum, the history of the Navy SEALs, and the Museum’s collection.

Lecturers: These volunteers are confident public speakers and subject matter experts. Volunteer lecturers are a key part of our outreach team and help bring the Museum and SEAL legacy to life outside the Museum walls.

Special Events: We often need additional support staff for a variety of scheduled events and activities. If you can’t make a long-term volunteer commitment, these ad hoc opportunities are a great way to get involved.

Special Projects: From time to time, we have special projects that require special skills and expertise. If you have a special talent or skill you would like to share with the Museum, we would like to hear from you.

Please indicate day(s) you are available to volunteer: