Simplify Your Giving With a Named Donor
Advised Fund
For families who want to involve their children and build a family tradition
of philanthropy, our Donor Advised Fund addresses your wishes and simplifies your giving.

With the Named Donor Advised Fund, you qualify for a federal income tax charitable deduction when you make a gift to your fund. Families can build a tradition of giving by involving children in the decisions about what gifts you want to make annually.

How It Works

  • You open a donor advised fund in your name with a written agreement to the Navy SEAL Museum San Diego. The minimum gift for a named donor advised fund at the Navy SEAL Museum San Diego is $100,000.
  • You can make contributions to your fund at any time. These contributions are invested using our investment policy, which provides regular accounting to you.
  • You make the recommendations in various amounts to be distributed to the program(s) you are most passionate about within the Navy SEAL Museum San Diego.
  • Your named donor advised fund is treated just like an endowment continuing to give in your name in perpetuity.
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