A key component of Naval Special Warfare (NSW) is their maritime mobility force. These Special Warfare Combat Crewmen (SWCC) – like our SEALs – undergo a rigorous selection and training course and operate highly specialized craft in support of NSW missions. These SWCC operators trace their roots to World War II PT Boat sailors, Scouts & Raiders and OSS Maritime Units. In Vietnam, Boat Support Units were established and provided critical support to UDT and SEAL Team operations. These units later evolved into NSW’s current “Special Boat Teams”.

In our nation’s time of need, an elite group of maritime warriors stands ready off distant shores and on shallow rivers. Defending freedom, they serve with honor and distinction. I am proud to be one of these Sailors.

I am a Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewman: a quiet professional; tried, tested and dedicated to achieving excellence in maritime special operations. I am a disciplined, confident and highly motivated warrior.

My honor and integrity are beyond reproach, my commitment unquestioned and my word trusted. The American people depend on me to carry out my mission in a professional manner.

I maintain my craft, equipment and myself at the highest level of combat readiness. I set the standard and lead by example. I am responsible for my actions and accountable to my teammates. I challenge them to perform, as I expect them to challenge me.

I am ready for war. I will close and engage the enemy with the full combat power of my craft. My actions will be decisive yet measured. I will always complete the mission. I will never quit, and I will leave no one behind.

My heritage comes from the Sailors who operated the PT boats of World War II and the combatant craft of Vietnam. The legacy of these warriors guides my actions. I will always remember the courage, perseverance and sacrifices made to guarantee our nation’s freedom. I uphold the honor of those who have fought before me and will do nothing to disgrace my proud heritage.

On Time, On Target, Never Quit.